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xOperation:We Are Onex{Event!}

Ghj Edit: Well, I’m rejoining due to being terrible at retirement. xD I don’t have enough time to be as active as I was, but I have enough time to join.

We have obtained Christmas and Snow Ball from the merge.

Ice: All Titan Warriors click here so we can decide your future ranks in FGR.

Click here for the most recent tactic session results!

Alright, yes it is time.

Alright FGR, just because we are in the top ten doesn’t mean it’s time to just sit around and party, it means we keep going and demolish the top ten. Operation:We Are One is to get us together and get us stronger than ever! What makes armies fall? I will answer that for you. Its the fact that people get in a fight and don’t get along. We need to all come together and be friends and become one happy family. We need to come together and fight together and lets all make it to events and be active. From here on out, if anyone fights they will get one warning than a demotion. Because we are gonna become one. Now if you get in a fight then I suggest you PC and talk about it in PC and try to end the fight. Like the song “We Are One” goes:

So lets do this and become One! What do you say?

Recruiting Session

When:January 2nd

Time: 5:00 PST, 6:00 MST, 7:00 CST, 8:00 EST

Where: Get on chat and you will know

Comment if you can go!

Be on FGR Chat during event!

~We Are One~



12 Responses

  1. First, Keep it up FGR!

  2. good job making the top 10 guys

  3. Can someone make me an editor I wan’t to update the hall of fame

  4. I can make it

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