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Ghj’s Retirement

Dear all who are reading this,

I’m going to try and keep this short and sweet. Yes, many of you might be wondering why I am posting my retirement when I have only been in the Club Penguin Army world for only a short period of time. The reason? My cp army life has lost its meaning and if you want to know the rest, look at the next paragraph.

“But Ghj! Why are you leaving?”

For the past 7 months (7 months!? It seems longer then that!) I enjoyed making friends, and just being part of something to fill my free time with. But then, something came along called an opportunity. So, I took the opportunity and found out that, to be active in Club Penguin armies, you have to have a lot of time on your hands. And, I have become just too busy to continue on.

I have made a lot of friends in my time here (sorry but I’m not the best in activeness, but I try to be, Lol). So, I’m going to thank some people and be on my way.









Momo (Dude)


So many more…

Many people have told me things that I believe are very true such as, “Everyone who quits eventually comes back”. So seeing old veterans come back from “retirement” every week, I am not going to say I’m going to be off Xat forever.

Remember why we are here, to have something magical called “FUN”. Stop taking this so seriously, it’s just a game. Nothing less, nothing more.


Ghjkrs147, FGR 2ic


15 Responses

  1. I will always love you!<3 And I will miss you alot!

  2. I cant express how much you will be missed in words. So instead I will tend to it in the easiest of all ways in words, A simple and formal Good Bye GHJ.

  3. I just realized that I put Momo twice…EPIC FAIL. xD

  4. :O shads sexy. We’ll text to keep in contact maybe call too 😛 we’ll miss u!

  5. bye ghj

  6. I just was checking the site to see how FGR’s doing like I do every so often (Even though I retired, I still ❤ FGR!) and I was astonished to see this post. I'm kinda sad you didn't mention me in the people, I'll get back at you by stealing your waffles next time your eatin dem waffles. But I just wanted to say Goodbye Ghj. BTW, after awhile, Idk when, I am gonna look into rejoining FGR. Goodbye everybody!

    • Thanks Mew! Sorry I forgot you in the post, I did it on short notice and I knew I was forgetting a couple people. I hope you rejoin FGR soon.

  7. 😦 bye bye ghj

  8. Noooo Ghj, bye 😦

  9. Another loyal solider gone 😥

  10. Dude I know you loved me but you don’t have to thank me 3 times. Lol jk but now we are retirement buddies 🙂

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