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Yet another successful event!

Ice: I am going out of town for Christmas to see my family,Friday-Monday. I will see you guys Monday,and wonderful Christmas! Cya Monday!

Again we are looking like what we used to be.

Today we went on Club Penguin for a tactic session.

Today was the best day out of all.

We averaged 13-15 and maxed 16. Our tactics are much improved!

Anyways let me stop talking and show you the pictures. 😉

Good job FGR!

Keep it up and we’ll return to CPAC’S top ten in no time

-Back in Black-


Momo’s Part 😀

Hey FGR its me Momo941. First off id like to address two things before I get to my pictures and congratulations. I am sure at least 50% of you rember the other Momo, Momo1357. From what I hear he was a good leader. But what really ticked me off about him was this comment he left

What Momo1317 said

Now I mean no disrespect here but really bro I HOPE you are reading this post right now. Look up above it looks like Us “Screw ups” Did a real nice job of what you left behind. According to Percy when you led there was never a full chat.

That’s One thing addressed on to the next.  I know I havent been the most active.. and ill admit that is completely stupid of me. Ive kinda been like this when it came to coming to events

And its for the stupidest reason. Video Games I fell in love with this one game (I still am :3 ) and it stopped me. Not to mention xat was screwing up on me for about half this month so I could only go on small chats!.

Now both of those are addressed on to the pictures from the event

“Monster of the east Eh? Well i got the monster of the west right in my holster I hope I they get to meet” ~Momo941


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  1. 1st and I was there

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