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Ranks UpdatedxInfo on Age Of Awesomenessx

First off I have an announcement.

If your name on the ranks is bolded that means your on the verge of either being demoded or taken off the ranks because you did not comment on the rank swipe(Operation: Cult of Personality)!

(!)Comment on this post by answering the questions(!)

  • Name
  • Rank
  • Active Scale (1-10)
  • Why did you not comment on the rank swipe?

Ok since the “Age of Awesomeness” is starting to come I am gonna bring back the “Shad Inc. Bull.” which is a news section that will feature an “Ask Shad” Article which I will answer any questions that you ask me, click here to ask me a question. It will also feature updates on FGR and include some events for the following week. Also since the Age of Awesomeness is growing I will host a party every 2 weeks in FGR. Every other Saturday we will have a party! Each party will have a diferent theme and the theme will be discussed between me, Ice, and Percy. We will choose 3 themes and then we will have a poll on the theme for you guys to choose. The poll will be published in the Shad Inc. Bulletin. I will also interview a certain soldier each week and they will be the soldier of the week. The soldier of the week will be chosen by me, Perce, and Ice. To be chosen you have to step up and show and be the most outstanding soldier. If you are chosen, you get to make an event that week of your choice. Also at the end of the month there will be a poll to choose the Soldier of the Month! The Soldier of the month will be the soldier who was the best soldier of the week. The Soldier of the month will have a free promo! There will also be a BG contest each month. The first one will be in the first edition of Shad Inc. Bulletin coming out later today!

xSHADxFGR Leader


2 Responses

  1. Name:Iceeblu101
    Active Scale(1-10):10
    By the way Shad, Rohan,Lightning,Smack,Robby,Polov,Iceberg,and Nicwin,Wooglebump,Akiva(joined Tuesday),and Husk are active. Cahillguy is on vacation.

  2. 1.firehot6
    2.leader of mods
    4.i did

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