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Another successful event

I truly do think we are rising. Another successful events leads us one step closer to reaching our goals.

Today we went on Club Penguin and did awesome!

We averaged 10-11 most of the event,but maxed 15. We had 16 on chat throughout the event,but some people wouldn’t come on..

Anyways we really need to work on tactics,but our size is getting better each day. I wouldn’t blame you guys if our tactics aren’t the best due to brand new troops to CP Warfare that are still learning what we do in armies.

Anyways.. I only got one picture but it shows we have 13(Percy just logged on,you can see him in the pile of penguins in the town. Also remember  our line  and tactics aren’t the best..)


Good job FGR!

Remember tomorrow we have another event! So make sure to come! Also tomorrow promotions will be released after the event.

Keep up the work, FGR!


2 Responses

  1. 1st!

    btw if u look in the middle of our line in the pic u can see a guy bending over. God knows what he’s doin’

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