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I have to leave(You must read)

You should already be expecting it.  Yes,I have to step down to advisor due to myself now leading a major army(or very close to medium) army called the Lighting Vikings. Yes I’m sorry to leave you hanging,but my time here is done.I thought I could lead Fort Ghost Recon like any of my other multiple successful armies,but I was wrong.I could not adjust to this new habitat, but even though I still had a great time here,even if we didn’t accomplish all those achievements everyone here wanted to reach. I would now like to give the owners and leaders some advise.

First I will try to find a suitable leader,to take my roll(I may come back,but chances are very low,if I do I would like to become owner again). Second if you happen to decide to merge,please do not merge this legendary army into a fast rising army that will soon die out in about a month or two,just for a good rank to make you look experienced. I would simply let this army rest in peace,until someone so loyal and dedicated to this army that has alot of confident lead us like the mighty legend Elitesof did.

Third of all.

Just because I am leaving this does not mean you can just leave and quit,or go inactive. If you do that,remember I will still be watching over this army like a eagle watching over it’s kin,so if you do do what I said NOT TO DO,’if’ I come back I wouldn’t let you back in this army(this is my point of view).

Please do not this let this legendary army go into the shadows of hell. Bring back the legacy! You no matter what your rank is can change the faith of this army. It does not matter if were not in the top ten. I do not remember a top ten in 2006(Yes I’m old,don’t rub it in)back then. Armies back then didn’t even know what that was,and armies like ACP,and the Romans were huge back then.

Look at ACP now(Romans are now dead)

Can you see what I’m saying here,I hope you do.

5 simple words.

Let the legacy live on!

Do not let this army die!


Ice is always watching.

-Might of the recon-


5 Responses

  1. Ight bro, Stay Gold bro! Lataz

  2. Bye Ice, It was great having you as a leader/advisor!

  3. Ice it stinks you have to step down from here but dude I will see you in Lightining Vikings

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