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T.S. Results

Alright I don’t have any pics of the Tactics Session at the moment so if you have any post them in a comment.

Ok now for the results. At the beginning which was scheduled at 3 CST nobody was there so I waited 10 minutes and 3 people showed up. I was about to cancel it but decided to wait another 5 minutes and just decided to go on. Anyways we worked on a few tactics and I used a few new tactics that have never been used before which turned out GREAT. Although there were only 5 people on(Me, Percy, Ghj, Peeko, xmen, and Silver) we did what we could. We had a full chat at one point but 5 on CP! Are you serious bro?! Everyone is lucky that this was just a tactics session and not a battle or this could result in a few demotions. I would also like to say a few other things.

Just because you are an owner on chat, don’t think that you don’t have to listen to higher ranks than you, because you do. I also would like to say that I was a little nicer today, now on if you disobey an order or disrespect a higher rank than you, you will be given a warning and if it continues to happen you will be DEMOTED. I’m sick of people disrespecting higher ranks.

THIS GOES TO 3ics-I know a few of you are new at being 3ics but just because your a 3ic doesn’t mean you get to brag about it and give random orders, it means that people are gonna start looking up to you and are gonna want to be like you. 3ic means you are closer at being a leader and need to start acting and talking like one. You need to get the noobish attitude out of you and act like one. Don’t smart off to the higher ranks cuz rather you know it or not we are testing you and testing your skills and soon we are gonna be giving you guys a chance to lead in a few battles and what not. Also you guys need to be working on your post and making them look better. Other than that I have one more thing to say.

If you haven’t noticed, I am now a FGR Leader. Ice gave me his position due to him having a few problems with his computer.

-To be the best you gotta beat the Best, FGR IS ON A RISE-


3 Responses

  1. 1st 😛

  2. 2nd! Good post. I’ll add some pics when I have the chance.

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