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The Golden Age is returning-Event[Must Come!!]

Today all leaders were on ,and we had big event! Since Elitesof has left,we have got our first full chat(over a full chat)

All Recons MUST click read more

Recons today me Ice and Percy all were talking and got a large Recruitment squad. We managed to get a FULL CHAT! With only 3 People recruiting !.

Heres the pictures from the event (ICE ADD YOURS!)

The Recons Chat Size (We had tons more I just had to eat dinner XD)

The event time Recons. Its time for Us The Fort Ghost Recon To have an event that will blow it out of the water!


1 PM Pacific

2 PM Mountain

3 PM Central

4 PM Eastern

9 PM United Kingdom

7 AM Australian

When: December 4th!

All Troops are required to go or be removed from ranks (if u have a good reason u cant come then that’s okay 😀

By the name of Elitesof let us make him proud

“What a grand Display of fire works I almost wish we had another nuke to go off don’t you?”                                                                   ~Momo941



20 Responses

  1. I may or may not be there.

    • Depends on how the weather is. Because my wifi works terrible when it is raining and it is suppose to rain then.

  2. Omg, fix your grammar

  3. i will come and it was me ice and percy recruiting at that event

  4. I might be able to come…

  5. I’ll most likely be there…. I’ll tell you if i can’t.

  6. I can be there!

    It`ll be on the 5th of December for Australians,ummm what server?or is it chat recruiting?


  7. I should be able to come.

  8. Ok, just because I can, I’m commenting twice. Ha!

  9. Well i might make it only if i`m not allowed to go on my computer…But at the moment i can make it 😀


  10. Guys! good news… we are climbing the top ten we are tied 6th with Dj army in smac so lets start recruiting

    xmen out
    that’s old news

  11. […] here for the invasion of RDA! Click here for the tactic […]

  12. Full chat? When I lead we had a full chat every event. This was before you guys screwed up this army.

    From one momo to another id like to say… Where in the hell do you get off saying Before WE screwed up the army a good leader would NEVER and I mean NEVER tell there troops that they screwed up. Also Need I remind you that we just came out of 3 God damn hackings a full chat is pretty good after that many hacking’s. We never screwed anything up we are on are rode to repair bro You Truly must have Lost respect for these guys I mean really Ive been here for 2 weeks and I already feel welcome here but you you just sicken me by saying that.
    ~ With Much Love Momo941 ❤

    momo how did we screw the army up 🙄 and you never led us to a full chat~percyjackson2

  13. hey theres a few reasons why i didnt want you guys to comment more then once.

    1.) it spams my email and my phones email fliter :p

    2.) it gives me and the news sites an average of how many people can come!!!!!!

    well see you guys tommrow at the event

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