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3ic elections

Since we need a new 3ic,to help lead us to glory,we will be having a 3ic election. If you want to try out for 3ic,don’t be afraid just simply fill out this form,but remember anyone can run,in or not in the army. Good luck to the runners

1.Club Penguin name

2. EXP in other armies (dont say too many)

3.What time zone do you live in?

4. Will you be active,and not betray us?

5. Why should you be 3ic,and what will you do as 3ic?

Good luck for the winners!

-Owners of Fort Ghost Recon-


19 Responses

  1. 1.cp name step up 646

    2. experince in other armies (dont say too many) BMA leader Elites6g 3ic Elitees7g founder GT mod LT mod RBAA4g mod RBAA5G 4ic Color wars 2011 vet

    3. time zone EST

    4. will you be active and not turn agianst us why go againest?

  2. 1.firehot6 aka. xmen
    2.skytroops:Colonel , nachos:lancecorparal,fusion warriors:general ar:unknown
    4.i will be active and i will never go against fgr

  3. 1.cp name?Polov
    2.experience in other armies(don`t say too many)?Light Troops(Captain,Fusion Warriors(Not on their ranks 😦 ),Sky Troops(Colonel),S.W.A.T(Mod Rank),Sealsteam(Idk+Merged),Darkangels(Darkness Angel+Died),Desert Troops(Corporal+Merged),Undergroung ATomic Bombers(Idk+Web Exp.)
    And that`s all
    3.time zone?Australian (AEDT)
    4.will you be active and not turn against us?Yes i will be active and never turn against FGR

  4. 1. Sir Peeko
    2. Leader of opf, high mod in rpf, and 2ic of Dj Army
    3. EST
    4. Yes!

  5. 1.cp name:Fanta Pengu
    2. experince in other armies (dont say too many)
    Im in loads of armies.
    1ic,2ic,1ic,2ic,2ic,2nd Lieutenant
    3. time zone:GMT
    4. will you be active and not turn agianst us
    I will always be active
    I’ll never turn against FGR

  6. Am I allowed to run? xD

  7. That`s ok i don`t wanna be 3ic….


  8. 1: Cahillguy
    2: FGR Leader of the Mods, BB Warlord (2nd Highest Mod), Nachos Lance Corporal, ACP Corporal (but I don’t participate in their events because of bad times). I was an Elites 7G General (3rd Highest Mod), but it died out.
    3: New Zealand, NZDT (currently +13 hours ahead of GMT)
    4: I will try as hard as I can to be active, and I will DEFINITELY not turn against FGR, even if ACP, Nachos and IW, etc. ganged up on us.
    5: After a few months of CP Warfare, I know what tactics to use and when. I know some history about CP Warfare as well. I would most likely become even more active if I am elected as 3ic. And I am definitely sure that FGR will rise to become a major army, and I could help in the process if I am 3ic. If I am allowed, I would regularly schedule events for FGR and make sure that they are fun and strategic (and it would have good spelling and grammar lol).

    If you read all of that, then hopefully you will see they are good reasons and thank you for your time.

  9. im Lt mod

  10. Also the reason I should be 3ic is:
    I will get us more mods! and better ads!

  11. i should be 3ic because i can recruit

  12. […] what? b Batman3 on Joinxmen on 3ic electionssir peeko on 3ic electionsxmen on 3ic elections↑↓xŞђд๔x↑↓ on […]

  13. 1. Redduck35
    2. BW general/MOD LT sergeant/member WR 2ic/owner ACP sergeant/member NACHOS Staff Sergeant/member NFF captain/member LV general/mod UMCP owner .. and i will we a LEADER soon in the army i am making .. and i was in ALOT more armies bfor i dont realy keep track of my rank
    3. CST
    4. of course i will be active and i will NEVER betray u
    5.bcuz ill be very active and i will try to make FGR large or major… and i will stay LOYAL to this army and never turn on you. 😀

  14. 1. Melted 205
    2. IW-Private and ACP-No rank
    4. I will be active and i will not betray you guys (who would?)
    5.I will be loyal to the rest to the army and i will treat them fairly and i plan to make this army even more fun and larger and i will bring FGR to glory! 😀

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