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Defense of Pine Needle(?)

SO apperently the Celtics of CP wants to invade Pine Needle. They want to be big and mess with the best. Are You Serious Bro?! You want to mess with us? First off, who are you? Telling from the BG on your chat you guys probably aren’t that big and from your site you haven’t had any events. Here’s the comment that was left:

кℓєρмaη, on November 25, 2011 at 12:00 am said: Edit Comment

Hello, my army would like to take Pine Needle of your hands..
celticsofcp.wordpress.com comment on a page about time when and rules.
hmm we are busy at the moment so later on


Oh ok you want some time to prepare? I see well you know where to find us when your ready bro. Also consider that comment I left on your chat about me making you guys a new BG alright? Just be prepared for a fight because we will be ready.

“You mess with the best, you’ll go down like the rest!”

xSHADx FGR 2ic

P.S. If your invading us, aren’t you suppose to make the date and time? Well ok well maybe we will change the server and turn it around and we will take one your servers(if you have one)


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