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Chat got hacked/Proud

Update:Mazzy has reported that Flamethrower is a main now on FGR chat. So ban Flamethrower on sight

hacked O.o AreYouSeriousBro?! On Thanksgiving especially?! Alright if you are gonna hack someone over CP Armies, then you take cp warfare way to damn serious! Hacking is 1. Illegal and 2. stupid 3. If an army hacks a chat then that means they are scared of us and know that we will beat them. 😉 so FGR, dont be scared be proud that RDA is scared of us! Also I have a chat ready for us incase we dont have a backup chat. Also I will probably not be on tomorrow due to it bein Black Friday. (Btw if the grammer and spelling is horrible in this post thats because it is 2:00 a.m. here. Im running off of NOS and Red Bull right now.) Anyways FGR this is when we need to stand our ground and do what we do best! Fight.

“You mess with the best, you’ll go down like the rest”



3 Responses

  1. Let’s hack them back!

  2. Btw the chat is http://xat./com/fgrmeeting

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