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Here are the results of today tactic session.We averaged 5-7 and maxed a strong 8. We didn’t have the biggest sizes ever,but enough that should keep us in the next top ten. I expect bigger sizes next time. About 13 people said they would come,but  only 7 came. Again,I expect more out of you guys. Anyways here is a picture of today’s tactic session.


Remember to stay active,and view chat,and go on chat as much as possible. Oh by the way,welcome Melt,Shadow,Iceycold(Mchappy),and Povol to the family! 😀


-Ice Fort Ghost Recon leader-


2 Responses

  1. I was on Ice Box for like a full hour and I saw no one. Either the times got changed or a miscalculation of the times happened.

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