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    Leaders: Cannot be in another Army
    LiT's and 2ics: Can be in 1 other Army, but cannot be a leader of that Army
    Officer Ranks(Mods): 1 other Army and is able to be a leader of that Army
    Members: Have Fun!

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Immmmm Baaaaaa’aaaacccckkkkk

Finally! I have come back to FGR! Now, Im not coming back as leader but as your 2ic. Now I have tons and tons of plans, but I am waiting to put them into effect. Now they will slowly go into effect soon. But for now, we need soldiers. So lets get big. Now remember, the leaders don’t build the army, the soldiers do. You do. So start recruiting because remember, you are a key aspect to this army. Every single one of you. So for now, keep it up!


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