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Time is near. We are awakening.

Note: I keep repeating myself but,promotions are sure to be on Saturday,or Sunday.

Yes,we are falling. This I plan to change. I haven’t been full confident with myself,so therefore I plan to accomplish what needs to be done. I promise this will be bigger then Elite’s golden age. A little bigger? No. Way bigger. We have potential to rise,but we haven’t showed it. I wouldn’t say we won’t rise,but to sum it up we are behind a curtain a waiting to be awoken to full power. Don’t you want the legendary army the Fort Ghost Recon,to rise even further then any other generation? This will be accomplished. How,you say? With a little hard work,we can accomplish this achievement. Such as recruiting on Club Penguin cheat sites(Lebronjr23,Riffy888,Yodaads,etc..),following commands and listen to higher ranks. Do not join us if you are going to be inactive and and not enjoy your time here,but I promise you that you will indeed, enjoy your stay while in Fort Ghost Recon. Here are some achievements that I plan to achieve,in my stay with FGR.

-Reach the top 3 on Club Penguin Army Central

-Become one of the greatest armies out there

-Reach 50+(or 40) on Club Penguin

-Reach even higher heights then Elite’s achievements.

We can achieve these. Just watch when we do all the hard work will pay off. Just believe me,we will be like this.

We are awakening. Simply a waiting for the right time,to be awoken. Do not give hope fellow troops.  We have survived many generations,and we are still standing.  Mark my words,we will rise.

-No fears shall consume us,for we are the mighty Fort Ghost Recon-

-Ice proud Fort Ghost Recon leader-

The lights will be shining on us,soon. 😎


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  1. We need to sticky this, as this is important.

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