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Results/Step 3: Better Events

Well, it was a very rough start for my first event, but I’m sure we’ll do better later on. We had about 7-8 on chat, but only got 6 on ClubPenguin. I only got two pictures, and here they are:



Now, I present to you: Step 3: Better Events. Now, it’s a very simple step, just better tactics and sizes overall. First of all, we need leaders that can lead. Without a leader, what’s the point of troops then? Same thing works vice versa. Everyone here is equal, it’s just who the highest ranked troops are that get to lead. So, back to the step. All we really need is more training sessions, the more we practice, the better we’ll perform. Eventually our size will begin to grow, and with the weekly training sessions, we’ll all be trained well enough for battles and such.

Better Events= More well-made training sessions. If we’re on for 10 minutes, with half the people actually paying attention, it’s almost useless. Training sessions should be about 20 minutes long, with 100% of the troops paying attention to every tactic. It’s all very simple. After our event on Saturday, I will plan our next training session. Until then, review Steps 1 & 2.



One Response

  1. Oh geez, I’m so sorry I didn’t attend. It was good times for NZT, but I forgot to check the FGR website recently *facepalm*

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