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Training Session/Step 2: Site Maintenance

Well, 3rd post on my 3rd day. I’m introducing two things here as foretold in the title of this post. First off, I want us to have a training session before our  CPAE event this Saturday (click here to read about that) to help us prepare. We also need to take pictures during events. That can’t be stressed enough, without pictures, it’s as if the event never happened. So be sure to take pictures at this training session:

Training Session

When: Wednesday, October 19th, 2011
Where: Sasquatch, Snow Forts

4:00 PM Pacific
5:00 PM Mountain
6:00 PM Central
7:00 PM Eastern
12:00 AM UK (Not Expected)


Now, in this next part of the post, I’m bringing your Step 2 of my plan. The step in this part is as the title reads: Site Maintenance. Our posts need to look organized, and our events need to be posted around 3-5 before the actual event takes place. Our Cleansing of Zipline is October 30th, but we posted it October 16th: unacceptable. If we post events 2 weeks before the actual event, we’re going to forget about it, plus, if we sticky it to remind ourselves, that takes up space on our home page. The home page should always have an event set and be posted 3-5 days before the event, such as said before.

Along with the idea of site maintenance, we also need to keep our pages updated. We need to moderate join comments, update ranks, and keep our servers up-to-date. Also, don’t just make worthless posts every day, actually post an event or something, so long as you’re not posting one every day. We should have about 2-3 events a week, including the weekend. At least one UK friendly event per weekend. Well, that’s all I got now for this topic. I’ll post Step 3 in the next day or three.

Chrisi’s edit: 

Just to get an idea of some things, that may or may not help the owners, please fill in the following polls…


3 Responses

  1. Step 2 = Awesome

  2. I am pretty sure I can come.

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