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Step 1: Establishing a Chat Presence

One thing I was told about was that Fort Ghost Recon has a good event-chat size, but not an average-chat size. By average-chat size, I mean our chat size during no events, during everyone’s free time. So, our first step to help rise is to simply establish a chat presence. The more people we have on chat during no events, the more unscheduled events we can have, which can hold a big impact on an army’s growing size.

Not only does having an active chat help with unscheduled events, but also unscheduled raids/attacks on our empire. I see we have quite a few servers, but do we really use all of them? The bigger our presence is made on servers, the more people will know us, but I’ll get more into that in a later post.

So here’s like a little flow chart about this topic:

More active chat> More unscheduled events > Better events > Bigger army > Closer to Major Top 10

With that being said, the more people are on chat during regular non-event hours, the closer we can get to the Top 10, as long as we follow the steps as shown in that flow chart.



One Response

  1. I agree with you Hades. We also need more recruiting sessions, and we get more by having more people on chat.

    Note: I might be a bit of a hypocrite because I have a very different timezone so I could only chat at specific times, and the xat site is mucked up on my computer.

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