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Leader Tips and other stuff MUST READ

Hey everyone it’s momo. No my computer is not fixed but apple made a device known as the iPod to post this. Click read more.

Ok first of we have alot of leaders. 5(counting shad who is returning) 2 need to go. We should probably have a poll to decide. Someone else needs to make it because like I dead before I am on my iPod. Speaking of me, I should be back in a month so hang in there until then. I would also like to welcome our new 2nd who seems pretty cool. I would also like to welcome chris back my opinion on the leaders, me Percy and chrisi but that’s my opinion because lsund is not active. He would be a better 2ic. But we need to see what everyone else thinks. Also one last thing before I go, a little tip for the leaders on getting more troops for battles. On xat everyone in the army should be listed as a friend. Why? To 1. Remind them about battles and 2. If for someone reason there on xat but not on fgr chat during a battle, you can being them to the chat. I know this sounds stupid but it works :/ thats all I have to say I will be back soon. 🙂


3 Responses

  1. Lol, I’m sorry to Shad, but hes not getting leader.

  2. Damn, 5 leaders. WTF??? To be honest, I would actually prefer 2 leaders at most, but if it needs to be 3 leaders, then so be it. But NO MORE THAN 3!! (because then we look like a pathetic army in which everyone is a leader).

    P.S. I’m not saying our army is pathetic, hell no. I’m saying we might if we have like 5 leaders.

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