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PB with NFF Results || The return of Chrisi Blule

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Yes kids, I’m back

When I came to this event I noticed two things…

  1. The actual tactics used by owners we boring- and owners were taking too long to give their commands.
  2. The reaction times of the troops were terrible.
By returning as leader I hope to be able to get our tactics to a good level, a level which can be compared with the best. Instead of boring tactics of standing in a line, we’ll try new things, we’ll make tactics up.
Also, during events any mod that does not participate in that event will be made a member on chat, until futher notice.
You may seem like I’m just ranting on, and becoming leader because I’m ‘power hungry’, sorry but you’re wrong, I think the current leaders are doing a good job. But they’re not doing a good job during battles.
In other news, owners are expected to post at least once a week, whether it is relevant or not.
 Good day.
~Chrisi Blule


So we had a pb which was changed to a tactics session here’s how we did…




So the event when ok

Comment if you came



4 Responses

  1. Those sizes are horrible. Sorry I should be back arround mid November and we have 4 leaders now? And someone promised shad leader too so were gonna have 5 soon?

  2. It doesn’t matter about me right now. All I know is that FGR needs to step it up. And chrisi, when you took over you did promise me that, but I don’t wanna argue that fact right now. But I will be on chat until Saturday. So if anyone needs to talk to me, find me on chat. As of now, I will be working mainly on http://shadinc.wordpress.com/ updated.

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