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CPAE Fight Night round one

Fido Edit- Chrisi, Momo, Percy and Hades/Dvorak please meet me on xat, I need to talk to you, If you do not see me ask any of those people listed for what I have said. Also, make sure you only approve join comments after adding them to the ranks.

Edit: Read about the Training Session’s results below this. Also, read Steps 1-3 of Hades’s plan for a better FGR.

percy:the day have been changed to the 22nd

Saturday, 22th October

Fort Ghost Recon vs Djs of CP vs Dessert Troops

1:00 EST (Eastern)

12:00 CST (Central)

11:00 MST (Mountain)

10 PST (Pacific)

6:00 BST (UK)

Klondike, Forts

Comment if you can come 😀


19 Responses

  1. WTF? I’m not gonna wake up at like 5:30 am to come to this event. LOL! If I do then my parents would kill me. So sorry, I can’t come.

  2. :):D:o:P:L:K:J:H:G:F:A:S:Q:W:E:R:T:Y:U:I:O:P:(

    oh yeah i might make it

  3. sorry i have a football game.

  4. Hi

    CPAE battle times have changed

    Please visit http://cpaecp.com

    LadTom2 aka lentalsoup

  5. Sorry gys i cant make it and also im retiring 😦

  6. cant im not going to wake up in 1:00 in the morning!!!

  7. I should be able to make it.

  8. I should make it

  9. […] chrisiblule on Training Session/Step 2: Site…»||ѕωιммєявσу01™||[ᵉ… on CPAE Fight Night round on…agent comm on Picturesagent comm on Cleansing ziplines0dab0y on […]

  10. Sorry, I can’t come because it would be 6:00 am in NZ! I’ve studied the times of the events of CPAEFN, and it looks like I can’t come to any of them because they look like NZ-unfriendly times.

  11. Sorry, I can’t come due to family commitments.

  12. I am pretty sure I can make it I might ok!

  13. But probably nor reason: same as Ghj

  14. ill make it no problem.

  15. Sorry fido can’t come on chat. Computer is broken and xat doesn’t work on iPod.

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