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hall of fame page

ok  i will be creating the hof page 

Coolster1114 he helped being back fgr along with elitesof  and fido. He also helped leader fgr with nicjackson Though he cause a few problems he also cause  like he cause shad to quit with later on cause jack freezy and skipper to leave afterwards he cause fgr to fall without any events and quit cause shad wanted leader back  

Nic jackson he lead fgr when elitesof retaired he helped fgr get to 15+ troops  though he retired because he felt like he didnt get a say 


8 Responses

  1. Percy you need to work on your grammar in posts. It makes us look more professional if you have good grammar

  2. The only person that should make the HOF should be Elites, since he can add the veterans in like, Lord Cody

  3. spaceybirdy , Justinbronze, Lord Cody, Shad.

    and hold on i’ll get more

  4. copy and paste this:

    Elitesof~ Creator and 1st leader of FGR

    Snowrunt~ Helped FGR grow

    Soccerpr30611~ Helped FGR get back on it’s feet

    DxMan9~ One of the best of all and was the most rapid ranking person in FGR

    Lordcody56~ Was FGR leader for a while (the 2nd; after Elitesof) and after he took up this poisition, the popularity of FGR sky rocketed

    Spaceybirdy~ Was one of the best soldiers FGR ever had.

    Greenday9991~ Very brave and loyal troop who joined FGR back in its Hay day.

    Shaboomboom~ Credited with getting some FGR troops back to FGR and some new ones when we came back.

    Rosytoes22~ Great troop; she was a 2nd leader of one of our enemies the MC but after they shut down she came to us.

    Wtev~ Excellent troop , likes lindor chocolate.

    Reaper~A good, loyal troop thatkicks butt

    Shad~ Loyal troop that fixed the FGR site and helped FGR rise again alongside Soccerpr30611

    WSD- One of FGR longest lasting and most loyal FGR troops ever

    Justin Bronze-One of the overall Loyalest troops FGR has ever ha

  5. and btw. dont EVER let coolster be a legend. screw that kid.

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