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You incompetent fools!

Where the hell are the posts, If you’re leader you are expected to post! One post (The invasion of shiver) is about 3 days out of date, and yet nobody has even unstickied it!  There hasn’t even been a results- if we were a no show, say we were a no show! You can’t have me running around after you guys, although if you can’t put any effort in new leaders may be needed :/.

As for people on chat, from now on if you are on xat but not on FGR chat you WILL be demoted- This goes for leaders to!        

Good day,

~Chrisi Blule                                                                                        


5 Responses

  1. It’s not my fault during the school year, I cant do everything so I need a little help from the leaders. I posted the event, and it was a no show because the times were changed and ST called of the war.

  2. FGR is boring now that Elitesof and Coolster and Lsund are all gone. I quit FGR

  3. As a New Zealand person, I will try my hardest to come to events, but like I said USA and NZ have a huge time difference, so for some of them I can’t come. As for xat, for some stupid reason when I registered and login my registered account doesn’t come up when I go on chat. All it shows is that stupid silly name instead of ‘cahillguy’. So yes, I have some problems.

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