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percyjackson edits: st and bw have turn the war into a one on one  fun war so the invasion will now be a training session

I will make this intro short and sweet, Sky troops will be invading shiver from BW we are allies so we will be helping.


1. Allies ARE Allowed. Anybody who says “No allies” is either
A. A coward, because he has no allies.
B. Attempting to kill the army they are invading.
If it’s option “B” here for BW, that makes them hypocrytes.

2. Spying IS allowed. Standard rule here
3. No bots. Another Standard Rule.


When: Saturday 24th September

Room: Forts


2:30 EST

 1:30 PM CST

12:30 PM MST

11:30 PM PST

7:30 PM UK



18 Responses

  1. Sorry, I can’t come. I might still be asleep in NZ.

  2. WOOP a leader taking the initiative.

  3. I’m pretty sure that I can come…

  4. I think I can go

  5. Might be able to come

  6. this event will be for prom’s and demo’s so if you are on and dont come to the chat you will be demoted

  7. I might be able to make it if i dont its because i get off the bus at like 345 est or later.

  8. i can come

  9. I’m sorry for not informing you sooner about the time changes. I thought you had already known. It was changed to 2:30 pm est to fit around STs CPACSS battle. In the future, I will do my best to get with you to plan the times in the first place.

  10. Hey guys,hows it going?(I will kill you if you dont remember me!).I wanted to visit our site to learn if we are dead or not.This is one of the most long-lived generations of FGR,so congrats to all retired owners(like me).Ah yeah,THATS THE WAY YOU DO IT!

  11. WTH? I’m sorry but yeah! I could have came if it WASN’T changed (in fact, I would be on an invasion right now), but it just had to. I think I can come on 4:00 pm EST and over, but not before that because I can’t go on the computer yet (because it would be 9:00 am in New Zealand when it is 4:00 pm EST). So yes, please don’t change times on such short notice.

  12. I can make since it was moved.

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