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This Army Sucks

Firing active people, replacing them with people who are not even experienced, and are less active. Wow. This army honestly sucks. I hire a leader, next thing I know the others are overthrown. Someone was stupid enough to let someone in who hates FGR, and he almost destroyed the army. You guys also hire people who were inactive in the past. Shad, I dont really care if you didnt have time in the past, because the former 25 or more leaders may also have the same excuse. Have I given any of the former leaders, apart from legends, owner? No. Do you see any army do that? No. I wont waste my time here, so bye.


11 Responses

  1. Woah, whats with whole overthrowing. I was merely getting rid of the people who didn’t deserve owner >.<

    • You removed Aerwghy and I, yet the both of us were the only people who showed up at the second last event (not the last, as it was on 9/11). Overthrowing is too mild a word for what you’re doing here.

      • you will probably be given your rank back rawkinman this is just mostly about leader stuff and if your active enough maybe you will get leader 😉

  2. Coolster, please do us all a favor and stop hating on me. Your acting like Im hitler or something, geeze, Im on chat more than you, I have made unscheduled events when we had alot of people on, I recruited alot of people, I did something that you didnt do and thats get to know the soldiers. I care for this army with everything I got. I put this army 1st before any other army…So get off your man period and stop whining about this

  3. coolster im sorry if we all like shad more than you but thats not a reason to over react

  4. im 2ic and shad hasn’t done anything to me except when i said sup he said nm

  5. watch fgr become major due to him

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