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Operation Regain

     ❗  IMPORTANT   ❗


As some of you may know on the 9th of September Buckington (ACP Division General) became ONE of our leaders, however Buckington decided to leave him, and only him in control. About 1 hour after this event he left his leadership position. Giving control back to me and Momo.

Today I discovered 155 posts had been deleted. Who deleted them, Buck. However I was able to retrieve them back. From this day Buckington.Steel is hereby banished from the FGR forever.

His Crimes:

Rebellion without cause.

The attempted destruction of valuable history.

However it has came to my attention that in reallity the owners of this army don’t seem to do too much. :/

There has been next to no posts, except my post of “Where are the posts”. This is why “Operation: Regain” is now in full affect.Over the upcoming week I shall lead. Eventually I shall decide who actually deserves the rank of Owner. (Please note that there is a high chance of you not changing ranks).

If you havn’t noticed all ready, I’m the only main/admin.

Seriously do not say anything too me that is bad. I’m doing this for the good of FGR. I’m not overthrowing anyone, I just want to make sure you guys can actually lead (which I know most can, but I wish to see who is the most passionate about FGR, and can actually lead this army to Major).

I’m sick of all these “Rebuild” projects, that never get anywhere. It’s time a rebuild happend that actually worked!

The owner ranks are currently.

Supreme Leader: Chrisi Blule

Shall be owner/ co-leader: Shad

 Emergency assistant leader: Lsund

Emergency assistant leader #2: Mazzyandmilk

Emergency assistant leader #3: Mann

By the end of this week I shall talk to each of my assistants, and then I shall decide what the owner ranks will be :).

Then i shall resume my place of Chief Advisor and be like AHAHAHA

Be active.

Be passionate

Be prepared!

~Chrisi Blule


13 Responses

  1. @Chrisi I have relations who died in 9/11. That’s no laughing matter.

  2. Guys, I am fed up with this army. I made a mistake retiring in the first place, now this army is practically dead. Half the active troops have been fired, and replaced with people who are completly inexperienced. I dont have time for FGR anymore, and so I leave permanently.

  3. I demand all the posts and pages made by me to be deleated. I demand all the servers that I scheduled invasions of to be given to CPW, because Shad is doing something simular by returning as a OWNER.

  4. …..

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