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I have not quit

Mo Mo1357: everybody, please try and recruit it doesnt matter how many just atleast one. If everybody recruited at least one person we could double in size. Also I will be planing an event for this saturday more info comming soon.

Ok, I have been asked by almost everyone to stay in FGR. Mo Mo has offered me leader, and considering the fact that Shad has gone inactive, I will return. Below is the new owner ranks:

Cheif Advisor (Aka. I AM BETTER THAN YOU): Chrisi Blule

Leaders: Coolster114(Main), Mo Mo1357, Lsund(Temporary Replacement:Percyjackson)

2ic: Mew2red, Perycjackson(Temp.Leader), Goofysoccer

3ic: Ghj147, Rawkinman, Aerwghy

Flappy112 and Pestyfly2 are Highest Mods.


8 Responses

  1. Will I be made authour?


  3. Oh noooooo…. I forgot Mazzy and Goblin..

  4. do i get Author or Editor?

  5. And me?

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