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Matters… (Why I leave)

Hello FGR this shall be the last post that I make as your 2ic/president/practically leader person. I leave this army on the basis of.

  1. FGR just isn’t fun anymore…
  2. I want to focus on the Nachos, instead of hanging around on a chat that is dead, the people that inhabit this chat I’ll talk to anyway…
  3. Bah.
  4. Do I do much for this army :/
  5.  : | <<<what my face looks like right now (I need a doctor)
Good bye FGR, you’ve been a fun run. But I just can’t be bothered with you right now.
Keep me admin/Main so I can satisfy your GFX needs.
As for who becomes President, I elect Percy 😉
~Chrisi Blule
Former FGR 2ic & President.
P.s If you tell me I’m giving up on this army or anything along those lines I will find you and LOL in your face.

8 Responses

  1. I am happy to replace Chris and would do a great deal to FGR as I think this army has potential. please find me at


  2. Oh and Coolster, I made FGR fun. Without me, it aint fun anymore…reply to this if you agree 😉

    • How can you make FGR fun if you were never on?Xd. You may have done so once you retired, but that was when you had freakin made everyone leave.

  3. wouldnt i be the next leader

  4. Nice having you as a 2ic. Good luck in life.

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