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Senate elections.

Vote yes or no, to whether you think the following people shall be on the senate


Candidate #1;

1. Name: Goofysoccer

2. Rank: Elite General (Highest Mod)

3. Please give us your election speech: As other armies rise, I will not stand to watch FGR not rise or fall. As senator it is a neccesity to keep the army rising. We senators can keep armies rising by inflicting laws or bills, making it funner and safer to be in FGR. But I will not only do that, but I will do my best to keep FGR the Best Army to be in. With me as senator, not only will we rise, but we will be number 1. If we don’t rise with me as senator, I will resign from senator immediatly and I will know that if and when I resign from senate, I have not done my job as senator. But I am sure that I will not resign because I will keep this army rising for months and FGR WILL BE NUMBER 1.


Candidate #2

1. Mo Mo1357

2. 3rd in command

3. I plan to do many things a senator. I believe that if you are active, supportive and a good troop, I will always make one of the leaders give you a promotion if its the last thing I do. I believe that if you are active, you deserve to have a higher rank than those who are not and I will make sure to enforce this. One thing I will always do as senator is answer questions and be happy to answer them. If you ever happen to have a question, just find me on chat, PC me and I will make sure to answer your questions as soon as I can, and pass them on so remember to vote for me, Mo Mo1357 if you want promotions for the hard working, and your right to say what you want to say in the FGR government.


Candidate #3

1: Rawkinman
2: Major General
3: The senate needs the most creative people, and people who are not afraid to present their ideas. I am such a person. I try to be friendly to other penguins, but also to enforce the rules and keep the discipline within our army. If I am elected senator, I’ll make sure that the soldiers have more fun than ever, as the flow of ideas by the senate will never cease if the right people are elected. Soldiers in this army have the right to leave at any time, and many of them do just that if there are no events. With the right people in the senate, we will not only make sure soldiers won’t want to leave, we will entice soldiers to join. FGR, if you elect me and other creative people, you’re headed towards a bright future.


Candidate #4

1. Aerwghy

2. 2nd highest member

3.As a senator I would like to see a better future for FGR. I want to see FGR rise someday. And that will happen. That will happen, because good senators will be elected. And if I’m elected, I’m going to make sure no troop is left behind. I’m going to make sure no one leaves. They wont leave, because we will be friendly and nice to them. FGR has been in my top ten favourite armies. And I will not watch them die. Because we are FGR. Vote for me if you don’t want to see FGR die. Vote for me, if you want to see FGR rise. All for one and one for all.



Candidtate #5

1.) Ghj147
2.) Major General
3.) I have noticed that as others rise, FGR falls. In other speeches, people say that they will make the army rise if they are elected. But will they? That is the question that I ask to you. Senators are not the only part of an army. I believe that everyone has a role in helping the army rise and we shouldn’t just leave it up to one single person to help the army become bigger. People need to come to events, get recruits, and to remember that FGR can rise. FGR will rise. If I am elected, I will try my hardest to help this army. So please vote for me. And remember, FGR will rise one day and become a top army.


Candidate #6

1. Mew2red
2. highest mod retired 3ic.
3. Hai FGR Please vote for me because I’m very experienced and I’ll be very active sorry for the short form thingy.


To vote please comment with the following.



For each candidate write (choose yes or no) (EXAMPLE- does not reflect my opinion purely random)

1: no

2: no

3: no

4: no

5: no

6: no

Good day,

Chrisi Blule

FGR (Temp) Leader


38 Responses

  1. AlsoIm not coming back unless I am leader…..Reply to this if you think I should come back as Leader! ~Just Sayin’~

  2. Change my rank to 2nd highest mod, Grand general

  3. make shad leader cool

  4. Coolster, you should let the soldiers decide if I should come back as Leader, make a poll.

    • This is my last word. Im not coming back as a mod. Thats not me. I just wanted to come back to HELP FGR rise back. Coolster, dont think of only yourself, think about whats BEST for FGR. Think about that. The best thing for FGR is for me to come back. But you arent allowing that. So with that, im done with this….Good-Bye FGR.

      • coolster just stop being so stubborn and let him come back as leader

      • I am not thinking about myself. You did freaking nothing for FGR, NOTHING. You missed every event although you were on chat for much of the day. You never posted. You never commented. You did nothing. We have a policy. Bronze was allowed back in because he was a legend. Dont take advantage of me letting him back in, because he has done something for FGR.

      • So you think you and Fido can run the 3-5 people (including leaders) who are active in this army?

      • I did alot for FGR. I was always keeping chat active as much as I could. I recruited most of the soldiers in this army. I got people active. Thats why Elitesof gave me back my leadership! So don’t even say that.

      • You honestly think you recruited all the soldiers into this army? The only reason this army did not rise when me and Fido led alone before Elites return was because I temporarily retired from CP Warfare, and Fido was in retirement. When we returned, we hired Elites, and after that we did something for FGR. You only recruited 2 troops-both from UMCP. Fido and Elitesof recruited most of the troops. I recruited about 10, and you recruited 2. Me, Fido and Elites kept this army active, while you never posted, hardly were on chat and missed most events.

      • I recruited more than 2 xD I recruited ALOT of people. I quit most of my armies I was in for this army. I put all my effort, but then when you started replacing me, thats when I left. I have the charisma. I recruited tons of people.

      • Name them. I can assure you that you can only name a few.


  6. 1. Name: Goofysoccer

    2. Rank: Elite General (Highest Mod)

    3: Yes

    4: Yes

    5: Yes

    6: Yes

    7: Yes

    8: No

  7. meany i was going to do a longer one but i had to go.

  8. 1. 1goblinguy
    2. 3ic

    6. yes.

    -Gobby! aka the chill goblin.

  9. 1) Ghj147
    2) Head General

    1. yes
    2. yes
    3. yes
    4. no
    5. yes
    6. no

  10. 1.Name Mo Mo1357
    2.Rank 3ic

    yes for all of them except mew2red

  11. i dont understand but i think momo should

  12. 1: yes

    2: yes

    3: yes

    4: yes

    5: no

    6: no

  13. 1. yes
    the rest are no

  14. i just felt like doing that cuz I know goofy.
    oh yea, whats up goofy? its ferr.

  15. 1: yes
    2: yes
    3: yes
    4: yes
    6: nope not at all

  16. Sorry not here to vote but I just need to talk to Fido about important matters that involves this army. Fido please find me on



  17. OMG I have 100% Yes Votes!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH EVERYBODY!

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