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CPAE Brawl

Fido Edit: Hola guys! Back from camp, also Coolster I need to speak to you ASAP.

Hello FGR.

CPAE are holding a small and medium army brawl. We are among alot of armies that have entered this tournament. In the first 3 days alone, 26 armies signed up, with more joining every day. Unfortunetly I will miss the event, but I will be here 30 mins before the battle. Despite this I expect a solid 15 at the brawl. We can do it. Everyone must attend-this event is more important than the recruiting sessions. Even if your in another army you must attend this tourney unless you lead an army that are competing. I ask for our other owners to lead the battle alongside Fido. However, we need to recruit. Log on 30 minuits early, and recruit in the town. For the days that lead up to the brawl, I expect all moderators and owners to recruit atleast 4 people. Our recruiting has halted during the past month-that must change.


When: Saturday the 27th of August

Server: Chinook

Room: Snow Forts

Where: Town, Snow Forts, Plaza, Iceberg.


12:00 PST

1:00 MST

2:00 CST


8:00 GMT

Chat: http://xat.com/CPAEcparmyexpresss1 (Fido must be here otherwise we wont count. If he misses the event, another owner must log on this chat)



9 Responses

  1. I might make it.

  2. I should make it.

  3. I am leaving FGR as 2ic,due to being GT 2ic. I knew when I became GT 2ic the day after becoming 3ic I was never going to be active here again. I’m so sorry I didn’t want to do this but you don’t want a inactive 2ic. Please give my spot to someone who was running in the 3ic election. I wish FGR luck,FGR is a great army. Again very sorry. Good luck FGR.

  4. I will be there

  5. Yah ill be there.

  6. I will most likely be there.

  7. i cant make it due to a hurricane coming here

  8. The xat chat wouldn’t load for me. Thats why I wasn’t on chat.

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