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    Leaders: Cannot be in another Army
    LiT's and 2ics: Can be in 1 other Army, but cannot be a leader of that Army
    Officer Ranks(Mods): 1 other Army and is able to be a leader of that Army
    Members: Have Fun!

Daily Recruiting/Divisions

Mo Mo1357: Hey everybody I’ll probably start getting inactive because school is starting I’ll try and stay as active as I can.

Note: If your wondering why Fido is inactive, its because he is on vacation/holiday until Monday.

Hello FGR.

Our divisions will be based on your time zone. If you live in Europe you will be put in the green division, and if you live elsewhere, you will be put in the black division. We will use these divisions for practice battles, training sessions, and recruiting sessions.

Below is the leadership of the divisions, with the timings of the first recruiting sessions with the division:

Black(Non-Euro Division):

Leader: Lsund

Co-Leaders: Iceeblu, Percyjackson

3ics: Mo Mo1357, 1goblinguy

Next Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday(3 Days)

3:30 CST

4:30 EST

2:30 MST

1:30 PST

Green(Euro Division):

Leaders: Fido1625 and Coolster114

Co-Leaders: Chrisi Blule, Mazzyandmilk

3ic: Pestyfly2

Next Wednesday, Friday and Sunday(3 Days)





These events are mandatory. Comment if you can come.

-Coolster114, FGR Leader


8 Responses

  1. I can probably come. Not Sunday, though.

  2. cant go to any of them. School starts that week and I dont get out till 2:30

  3. Sorry, I can’t come. I’m going to be at a summer camp.

  4. im PST and im 4ic

  5. proberbly all of them 😀


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