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Results of the elections

Note: The 3ic election results were as of yesterday, around 3-6 PM GMT

Hello FGR.

Yesterday I was meant to post the 3ic elections result, but I forgot. However I monitered the results daily, and as of yesterday, Iceeblu won. In 2nd place was 1goblinguy. Sadly I did not take any pictures, but trust me, they won. Iceblu had 14 votes, and Goblin had 13. Ajman has been inactive recently, and has been impeached. He shall be replaced by Harvin13(btw, I didnt remove you from the site. Nic claimed you quit, and he removed you. I believed him. Sorry). Harv, Iceeblu and Goblin have 2 weeks to prove that they will be active. If they dont, they will be replaced(By Flappy or Mew)


Moving on, I shall reveal the winner of the elections for the next leader(As of today)…


Yep, Lsund won. Even with Chrisi Blule’s and Skipper’s votes together, he still would have won. Shockingly he got 21 votes, compared to Chrisi’s 11 and Skipper’s 9. Congratulations Lsund, it will be a pleasure leading with you.


All new 3ic’s have been added to the site, and Lsund has been admined.

-Coolster114, FGR Leader.




5 Responses

  1. um im retired 3ic can i be added to the site and can i get 1 rank lower than 3ic in FGR now since i didn’t get 3ic and Btw my xat ID is Mew2red123 because Mew2red is too short my CP Username is just Mew2red. Thank You.

  2. btw im still on ranks as 3ic can i get highest mod?

  3. since im retired 3ic

  4. I am the last 😦 no one likes me.

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