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I am retiring from FGR

You can unsticky this if you want.Probably you will…

Yes.I am retiring from FGR.Because I dont feel I am needed on FGR.No one ever likes or knows me here.I am not needed.I am maybe a noob for you,though I tried to do my best.

Here are my best friends on this army that I want to thank them.

Fido:He is my friend in all armies,both Nachos and FGR.He added me to site as a 3ic.Then I worked my way up to 2ic.When I was in ACP I fought Fido many times.But then I joined Nachos and the guy I was fighting is now my BFF.

1goblinguy:Congrats on getting 3ic first.I didnt talk to you too much,but you were a very kind and nice friend.And you were very active.I hope you work your way onto leader!

Coolster114:We were fighting last days but anyways I apologized from him.He tought me some lessons and I got some experience.Thanks a lot.

Elitesof:Though you are retired now,you are the biggest legend in this warfare.I really liked our Creator to find us again.It makes me feel very special working on an army with this guy.Thanks a lot for everything.

Lsund:You are an epic guy.I had very fun talking to you on chat.Remember what we talked about after the battle when CPGT cheated? 😀 I hope you do well on this army and thanks for everything.

Shad:I never talked to you or either I know you a lot,but I know you from some other armies and people say you are a good friend and funny.Also you wanted to be added here 😀

For the last time…


14 Responses

  1. Oh, thanks for forgetting me broski

  2. I added you know…

  3. nobody every adds me in theres i was 3ic when you were 2ic and i voted for you as leader

  4. UGH, now he retires. Skipper, you are needed in FGR, dont retire. If you retire, things will be made harder for FGR to rise. I dont want to keep changing the owner ranks.

  5. I feel that I am not needed.I will always check this website.If I understand we are falling I will be back.I will try to not let this army die.And yes,dont delete me from the website.

  6. Still think CPGT cheated dude? (ono)

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