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Jack edit: Yea I feel that way to and good luck with your army i hope it grows.

Well, I’m sorry guys but I am retiring from FGR. I just don’t feel like I’m needed here anymore. I never get say in anything we do. People keep bringing in more leaders like we don’t already have enough anyways so its like I’m getting replaced. So with further ado I’m gone. Good Luck FGR!

If you wanna talk to me, find me on G.S.E. Chat http://xat.com/cpgse



4 Responses

  1. 1st cya shad

  2. D: will i still get to click you shad? D: D: D:

  3. We do need you… I let Justin Bronze return as a leader because he is a legend. Elites got 2 leaders to replace him just incase we fell.

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