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3ic Elections

Jack edit: Im retiring My reason for retireing is I find that my descions and sometimes others descions by 3ic,2ics and even other leaders arnt looked whitch they should be so bye Fgr.

Hello FGR,

As you know, we are having 3ic elections. We have had 6 people applying for a place, and due to the simularity of experience, I have decided to allow all of them into the elections. Please vote carefully.


He was given 3ic previously, but resigned as he was busy with the CPF. However since his resignation he has become active. When he first joined FGR, he was given highest mod. He’s a former ACP mod, former CPAR leader and a current CPF leader(he was a 2ic when they were medium).


A extremly active troop. He attends nearly every event which has earned him a high moderator rank. In the past he applied for a 3ic spot, but failed to recieve it. However now that he has gained a bit of experience, his chances should be higher. He is in several medium armies, and for most of them he is a highest mod. He has also led two small armies.


A former FGR soldier. Warrior99 has been involved with Club Penguin armies since 2006, and began leading in 2008. He is extremly experienced, earning high ranks in multiple armies. I believe that he currently leads the Water Raiders, a army that has the potential to become medium.


A experienced person. He has listed quite a few ranks, so I am just going to copy and paste it from his application. He was Dcp’s 2ic (golden age),Team Gold’s 4ic(golden age),Golden Troops 3ic(golden age).The armies he’s in right now are Orange Republic(creator),Elites(highest mod almost 3ic),Sun Troops(wenny) (almost 3ic),WW(mod),Snow Fighters (almost 3ic),and MFW mod.


He has been involved with Club Penguin warfare for 4 years. Flappy112 is currently the highest mod. Previously he applied for a 3ic spot, but just lost out to Mew2red. In many medium-major armies he has earned mod ranks such as UMA, RPF and much more.


Korinna is currently in RT and GD where she is a 3ic in both armies. She has been in many other armies, in most she has earned high mod ranks.

You may advertise the poll on other sites or chats as it shows your ability to recruit people.

-Coolster114, FGR Leader[Attend The Event Today]


13 Responses

  1. Most of the people voted for Ice because he was experienced.But the thing is,he will probably be very inactive.Because he is in so many armies.We need active owners currently not experienced.

  2. I’m temped to rejoin because I know I’d be better than any of these guys (wary)

  3. im not a former ACP mod i still am 😀 please vote for me

  4. I need to speak to a leader plz D:

  5. My whole History: I started Club Penguin in 2008 and joined ACP as Warrant Officer then I became inactive in ACP and Joined RPACP as owner and a little bit after I got 2ic The leader retired and I lead for about 2 months or more. I joined RT after that and went though the ranks to highest mod really fast I waited 10 months to get 3ic in RT I did but then something happened and I retired. I am Currently 4ic in GD I did not win the elections. I also work at CPA Press and CPAE. I lead a small army NPA and i am other high ranks in Club Penguin Armies. I would be really active.


  7. Uhm guys, If I could be 3ic again that be cool cuz I didnt know wtf happened as i was took off the site. So I forgot the site. If not then go fuck yourself.


    • Seeing Ajman has gone inactive, ok. But stay active this time, because if you dont, we will find a permanent replacement.

  8. LOL, I love how they all come crawling back. Oh and I’m openly supporting Goblin- Considering Warrior has lied about most of his ranks :/

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