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How we failed today

Yes…today we FAILED at our PB with RT..No one came up except me,and Aerwghy.Guys,WAKE UP.We need to show up at our events.We need to be active.Do you wanna be a member of Number 1 army?If you guys want to do that,you need to be tired a bit.We are a soccer team.We need to score.But how can we score without defence?If there is no defence other teams will score on us while active people want to goal.Please show up at our events.If we keep on our inactiveness,I will remove the inactive people from ranks.(Yes I cant do that as a 2ic but I may do it for the good of this army.)


10 Responses

  1. Are you blind? Theres about 5 other troops online.

    • Its also not our fault you planned an event when half of our troops went on vacation.

      • How could I know that?The previous event of this was at the same time and we could get 12.And I didnt say it was your fault.

  2. dude we are online and you werent their for part of the pb

  3. nope 5 of us were their ask aerwghy

    • Maybe you came a bit later.Ok,but 5 people is NOTHING for FGR.

      • He means 5 other people where there. Its also not our fault you scheduled it on a day when half our troops where o vacation. We logged on early. You logged on for 2 seconds, and logged back off. We witnessed you.

  4. RT Is on vacation…….

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