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Promotion Day/Activity

Skipper:I added some more promotions.I didnt add any demotions. 

Yes, its finally here. Its been 2 months since the last promotion day, and several of you deserve promotions, so I am going to reward you with them.

Leaders, feel free to add your own promotions/demotions

Leaders: Fido1625(Main), Coolster114(Deputy Main), Jack Frenzy, Shad, 

2nd in Command: Chrisi Blule, Skipper1090, Lsund,Mattyd

3rd in Command: Pwener1, Mijoos, Mew2red123, Harvin13

Elite General: Flappy112, Kinguin,  Percy Jack 2,ATM23

Grand General: Mexicanoo2, Hamthy, Pungy1234

Head General: Goofysoccer, J boy5, Billyb1000,1goblinguy

Major General:Ghj147, Talex831, Mazzyandmilk,

Brigader General:Buritodaily, 24keyser, Sas Commando, Meano4, Marooca, Hattrick, Everton Cool

Platoon General: Kerouaz, Crazy Bule, Andre, Wtev, Pestyfly2, DJ Pingy8,Rainbow54334

Advisors/Strategists: Riotors, Razr21 (Vinny)

Commander: Jollybillyjo,  Ktonboy98, Agentrds, Brrrfect, Smashmac, 122344a, Fluffyboy3, Chillie 17, Great Alex12, Purpleslime4

General: Warriorr99, Amichale1, Korrina901, James30072, 123Nai, Tealviolin, Aerwghy, Hbk300, Smashmac,Bird Pingu,þ7³³7648. Mariofreak9

Captain: mattg0874, Liam7997, Johnmc0199, v0gina, arron, redduck3,Aln007,Ttycool, Erniebert1, Starboi414. Jordi30267


Major:  Purplefly88, Zack3166, Jasonx1998, Suz4890, StoneAXE13579,Ninadoggy, Oscar237, Firehot6, Pablo20015, Grillchz200, Fire_shark1

Sergeant: Mumble85151, Doodle Fish2, Silvercamero, Kowalski, Mrmachodo200,

Trooper: Leia79, Odyssey12345




People close to demotions: 24keyser, Kerouaz, Crazy Bule, Ktonboy98, Harvin13, Billyb100, Mew2red123

People close to being fired: Mrmachado200, Mexicano02, Hattrick

People close to promotions: Goofysoccer, Mazzyandmilk,Ghj147

However, FGR, I am not satisfied. The chat activity has significantly decreased over the past few days. During the NW war we had 10 on chat throughout the day, but now we have a dead chat most of the time. If our chat activity does not increase, alot of you will recieve demotions. If your caught on another chat and not on ours, trust me, your going to be demoted. Test me if you dont believe me.

-Coolster114, FGR Leader


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