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Raid on NW server Fog

NW better watch out this was at 2:00 PM today with 11+ on chat and 9+ on cp it was epic and this is just a taste of what NW has coming for them! We have better chat sizes then them all the time! So they better watch themselves…. FGR is back !

Pure epicness right here^^^^^

FGR is back????^^

Well check this out epicness in the making!




6 Responses

  1. I had to log off when we had a decent chat size… Oh well, nice job.

  2. I was IN FACT this raid wouldn’t of happened without me – Since it was my idea

  3. SOOOOOOOO impressive. 8 people on club penguin. You could acually get in the top 5 in the small army top ten.

    • Several things:

      1) We had 14 on chat
      2) We actually got 9 on Cp
      3) It was unscheduled
      4) CPGT cant even get in scheduled events
      5) Your in CPGT, so of course your going to be bias.

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