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Clearance of Sasquatch- SUCESS!

NOTE TO OWNERS:Owners should add their own pictures to this post if they got some! 

I am currently racing with time so I will make this quick.

Today,we logged on Sasquatch to clear it from NW.It was a success.NW didnt show up.We averaged 10 and maxed 16.With AR helped us,we got 14 while they got 9.So we actually maxed 21.Also our chat was full.

Sadly I could only take 4 pics,but owners can add their pictures.


An unseen tactic.^^^


9 Responses

  1. Im not on the site but i want to be! I got pics for you to add f you want them. http://i1109.photobucket.com/albums/h428/1goblinguy/Screenshot2011-07-28at101321AM.png

  2. I laugh at how your calling CPGT noobs. It just shows how childish you guys are. Or AT LEAST some of your troops.

  3. Lolwut? 😛

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