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Declaration Of War-Invasions*Updated With Defences*

Skipper edit:I said before that you SHOULD NOT UNSTICKY EVENT POSTS!If you do that inactiveness will come. 

Note: This is not a no allies war. Other armies can get involved in the war if they wish to.

My fellow comrades, the leaders have agreed on declaring war on two armies. CPGT and NW are the armies. CPGT claim our capital, Sasquatch, while we still have a war to finish with the NW. Comrades, be prepared for fierce battles. We will destroy both of our enemies. Always be on chat, because you never know when we might raid an enemy server, or even worse- if they raid us.

We will begin with the clearance of Sasquatch, followed with an invasion of Fog, the capital of the Night Warriors.

Clearance of Sasquatch(Thursday) 

10:00 PST

11:00 MST

12:00 CST

13:00 EST

18:oo GMT(UK)

Server: Sasquatch

Invasion of Fog(Future Capital of the FGR Empire. Former Co-Capital)*Sunday*

10:00 PST

11:00 MST

12:00 CST

13:00 EST

18:oo GMT(UK)

Server: Fog

Defence Of Our Nation-NW(Friday):

Icicle, Town


13:00 PST

14:00 MST

15:00 CST

16:00 EST 

21:00 GMT 

Winterland, Town


14:00 PST

15:00 MST

16:00 CST

17:00 EST

22:oo GMT 

Mukluk, Town


15:00 PST

16:00 MST

17:00 CsT

18:00 EST

23:00 GMT

All of the events are mandatory. I expect numbers of 15+ in all of them.

-Coolster114, FGR Leader and Chairman.


17 Responses

  1. i cant make 1st one and im not sure about 2nd one

  2. I can come to both.

  3. Ehm…. CPGT? Im in both armies 😦

    • I would suggest you follow one of the two options:

      1) Fight for the army that your a higher rank in


      2) Dont attend events that involves the war between FGR and CPGT.

  4. I will come to both.

  5. first one not sure about the one agianst nw wish i could i hate nw

  6. I’ll try to make them.

  7. I’ll try my best.

  8. i should be able to come to sasquatch but i dont know about the weekend battles probaly though.

  9. We dont own Hockey, nor Walrus. NW are helping CPGT defend them from AR.

  10. What? What are the times in pst? we dont have a 15 00

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