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As the Leader leaves.

My retirement post wil be shown if you click read more

Hey People,

    The Past years were fun, in that time ive done many things like Lead the reds in the color wars as my time as Korn. Enter RPF become a legend in that army and help them alot. Eventually went on to create FGR and start my career over as Elitesof. Ive been dubbed one of the most influential leaders of all time, The Godfather of CP armies, and the Sun Tzu of CP tactics.

In my greatest time their wasnt really anyone that was considered a legend, so when we first started out we didnt work to become legends or to be better than anyone else we did it for us and to the best that we could and to be considered a legend is something big. And im glad that i was fortunate enough to make it there. It really means that you were good and influential and FGR was a crucial part in making my reputation. Ive had so many modern legends pass through FGR and i formed them into what they became.. Legends. So knowing that I became a legend and i assisted in making people legends makes me know that Ive made my mark in cp armies that will last forever.

I still have a couple months til i have to go forever and until then im willing to help anyone that wants my help, willing to be a friend to anyone who’s respectful and nice towards me. I’ll be here.

“Death is a means of exit from torture, pain and emotions.”

“The Time for war is here and i will not cower in its presence”

“FGR forever”

~Elitesof aka Korn


13 Responses

  1. We will miss u all of us.

  2. Dalton is such a BEAST. You were pretty awesome and cool when I first meant you back in late 2010 in RPF when you just roamed around on chat. But not just that, you also taught me some things. Thanks and Goodbye Dalton. 😀

    -ATM 23

  3. Skloop is the godfather…

  4. We will miss you allways

  5. Good bye. 😦 I’ll miss you Elites

  6. I guess everyone has to go someday, we will never forget you for the things you did to change CP warfare. Bye Elites. You will be remebered 😥

  7. Goodbye Dalton, good luck 😉

  8. goodbye elites 😦 even though i just joined FGR i saw you on ACP a lot.

  9. Goodbye elites 😦 I hoped you stayed in FGR.You are the greatest leader of all time and you will always be remembered 😥

  10. Going to miss you! Bye!

  11. I’ll miss you Elites. You were a great leader of this army. It won’t be the same without you. I’ve learnt many things from you in the first generation.

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