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Stew’s Intro

Hey there,


I am Stew20, Im a long time CP player and have been in CP armies since 2009. If you dont know what got me into CP and stuff heres my story:

The Begining

One day while I was at my school’s liabray, I saw my friend playing an online game he called “Clubpenguin”. At this time I had never heard of it and asked what it was about. He gave me the full story and told me how to play and everything I needed to know. The only thing he didnt tell me about was the Dojo (I found that later). One day while I was on CP I saw a big what I thought was a battle and one group was Red and one group was Blue. I asked them what was going on and they said it was a PB. So I did a little “Research” and looked up “Clubpeguin PB”. Mostly everything was Penguin Band but I then found a post on a wordpress website called ACP. I then joined. By this time it was 2009, (Note: I joined CP in 2007). So I joined and rose through the ranks. I am currently an ACP Division General and I am hoping for the currently open 3ic spot :D.

What I’m Planning To Do:

If I get leader I am planning to do my best to lead FGR back to when it was in its Glory Days. Im planning on doing 2 Recruiting Sessions every week and 1 on the weekends. I will also try to fit a PB in everyweek if possible. In tough decisions I will rely on my other leaders (My trustworthy 2ics and 3ics) to help me on that decision. I also love to have fun. So I will run weekly contests. (Such as guess the Joke, Find this hidden message, ETC) I will usually give out prizes too ;D.

Thank you for reading about me.

~Stew20 (Hoping for leader)


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