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Idea To Rise – !LEADERS READ!


EDIT BY CHRIS: What are you doing, that is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. LT changed back to LT after SWAT because it failed, Ninjas arn’t doing amazing (and that’s probably the best name to use, to appeal to CP players) 

Alright.This is Skipper here with a big idea to rise-a BIG idea.

So today I got my mothers laptop to play CP and I wanted to look whats going on FGR(I dont have any computers in home,both of them are spoiled.This pc is for once.)And I could clearly see we fall.In the previous month we could get sizes of 25.But now we dont even show up.Did I say that I cant handle falls?So I’m going to put my hand in as a 2ic. I believe we need to change something.I am making a change in a army that has a big history.This will restart ALL of it.This army has lived for 4 years.Now I’m going to change it.You may say that I dont know what im doing but I am.

We are going to change our name.If you say it wont work at all,it will.You know LT?They changed their name to SWAT,and they made their biggest rise I guess.So we will do like that too.We will get a new name and it will be a magnet to get CP fans.We should change our name to something that CP fans like to get more recruits.I thought of…MCP-Miners of CP.I am kind of a CP fan and I know that all users like to drill.I saw a lot of HUGE Iceberg Drilling parties.They have really much fun.So we can have only a Miner Hat in our uniform.There will be no old uniform problems too.Because the miner hat is always available.So when we start an event maybe  we can get numbers of 5.But with CP fans we can be NUMBER 1 MAJOR.If you say we will fight with rogues too-thats not right.We will say that we are an army too.So they will JOIN.We can be the best at recruiting!Think of it!A new number 1 instead of the classic ACP. 

If we accept this decide I can get all the GFX for you with team work too.I can do some of them and Fido will do the others.Everything can be done.If we work we can suceed. 

Everyone please comment!Most importantly leaders,but everyone should comment.Comment,comment,comment!


9 Responses

  1. […] Leaders,read a mandatory post by clicking here!Do not read this post without clicking here!!!  […]

  2. I dont think changing name will do anything!

  3. I don’t believe that changing a name will get more people. Plus, (this is just my opinion) it seems a bit like PR.

  4. Ninjas arent doing amazing?Well thanks for your opinion,but I dont agree with you.They became major from small.

    • 1) FW were a medium sized army before they changed their name to Pirates
      2) I remember some army called MCP
      3) LT were already major, they switched their name to SWAT and fell to medium, therefore they switched back to LT.
      4) Ninjas set up a Facebook page and many other simular things. You see, its not that easy.
      5) Other armies have tried changing their name, but they fell
      6) Miner hats are old now. In the past it was a popular thing but now its died out

  5. By the way,today I saw FGR in my dream(no joking…)

  6. 1 word. No.

  7. Wow…I think I just epic failed.

  8. really chaning the name is their not another idea

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