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Goofysoccer’s Intro

Hello, I am Goofysoccer, your temporary 2iC. As many of you know, Elitesof held a meeting on FGR Chat to see who will become the next FGR Leader. He added everybody who participated as a 2iC for 1 Week to see who will do the best as a 2iC. The 2 best 2iC’s will become leaders. I was one of those people who got to be a temporary 2iC. Here is some history about myself:

On July 7th, 2005 I joined Club Penguin as a beta penguin. 3 days after the Beta Testing period had ended, my penguin was hacked and banned forever. My cousin was a Moderator on the MiniClip Forums when ACP was created and he saw the thread made by Oagalthorp saying to join ACP. My cousin told me about this. There I made my current penguin: Goofysoccer. I then joined ACP on its 3 day on WordPress. I had lots of fun. In January 2008 I started to join other armies like the Elites. That is when I took a leave from ACP. I LOVED the Elites and the Leader, 77Ninja77 made me 5iC after only 2 Months. After that, he retired. A flood of new leaders came in and that is when the first generation of the Elites, died. At that point it was August 2009 when I re-joined ACP. I got up to the rank of Major and took a leave from ACP again, to focus on the Army that I created, the Army of Dark Lightning. We were a great army and rised to the Medium Top 10. After that, we died. It was now November 2009. I then joined FGR 1st Generation. I was the moderator rank of Major General when they died. Now lets skip to March 2011. This is when I created the Thunder Army of CP. We were in the Small Army Top 10 in our second week! But then we fell out of the Top 10 and haven’t been there since then. At this point it was June 2011. At this point I found out about FGR 2nd Gen and got my old rank of Major General back. Now it brings us to today. Where I am in 3 Armies. I am in AR, FGR, and RW. I am Highest Mod in AR. Leader of RW and of course Temporary 2iC in FGR.

Plan if I get to FGR Leader:

If I get the rank of leader, I promise I will be EXTREMELY Active and make at least 3 events per week. My plan is to rise FGR into the Major Army Top 10. I plan to do that by holding Recruiting Sessions EVERY WEEK! I Need ALL OF FGR to be active for us to get Major. I will demote you if you haven’t shown up to 3 battles in a row without notifying me of why you cannot make the battle. I will not demote you if you tell me that you cannot make the battle BEFORE THE BATTLE. If you tell me an excuse AFTER the battle, I simply won’t believe you. I will hold at least 1 Recruiting Session per week. I will hold at least 1 Tactic Session per week. I will hold at least 1 Practice Battle per 2 weeks. And I will hold at least 3 events per week. Also I want this army to be organized so if one of the posts or pages confuses you, notify me and I will either remake the page or post, or I will explain it to you. However, I cannot put these rules into place completely unless I get leader.

Thank you for reading my post,

~Goofysoccer (This post is 596 words long)


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