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Clash For Control-Invasion Of Snow Drift(Sky Troops)

EDIT BY CHRIS: Lemme know what you think of the new header. Want any changes to it. I’m willing to help! 

Leaders, read a mandatory post by clicking here! Do not read this post without clicking here!

Good news: Our special item”Puffle Bandana” is back and available again on cp. Buy it on the ship docked on the Beach. 

Before I start, Lsund, one of our most loyal soldiers, has been involved in a car accident and has had a severe damage to his eye. He has a 1% chance of being blind, and a high chance of not fully recovering. Today he has a surgery, and if unsuccesful, he will retire. On behalf of FGR, we hope you get better Lsund.

Most of you know what Clash For Control is. If not, click here.

So far we have 2 events in this tournament. Both are defences(if you are unaware, click here.). Yet the army that has the most servers will win. Therefore we need an invasion, and I have scheduled one. Because of our poor turnouts lately, I decided we should invade a medium sized army. Sky Troops can get around 5-10 soldiers at events. We faced them in a tournament twice, both in the SMAC Down 2. In the first round we beat them by 15 troops or so, however we only managed to max four in the next round. I expect an improvement FGR. We need to increase our numbers. I am sure we can do it. For Temp 2ics, this will boost your chance to replace Elitesof.

Date – Sunday-24th July

Server – Snow Drift(Sky Troops)
Times –
11:00 A.M PST
12:00 P.M CST
1:00 P.M MST
2:00 P.M EST
7:00 P.M GMT/UK

All 3 events(The defences and this one) are all mandatory. If we dont do well , I wont be happy.

-Coolster114, FGR Leader


12 Responses

  1. get better lsund D:

  2. i can come and sorry lsund

  3. I’m not sure if I can go or not…sorry….I hope you get better Lsund

  4. First: Hope you get better Lsund!
    Second: I will not be able to make any of the events due to a vacation. So sorry!

  5. I’ll try my BEST to make these events if I am able too. I would also say for Lsund to get better soon. I hope he heals and not retire. D:

  6. I’ll be there for all.

  7. i should be able to make it i will notify the leaders if otherwhys

  8. If IW and CPR have an event ill skip it so i can come to this one. (:

  9. Sky troops will be invading mulkuk from you as part as the cpc tourney.
    Server – Mulkuk
    When: Sunday
    10:00 A.M PST
    11:00 A.M CST
    12:00 P.M MST
    1:00 P.M EST
    8:00 P.M GMT/UK

    Back at ya.

  10. ill be there

  11. i cant go today got church

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