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WW and Pretzels invading us??

Fido: FGR, we better get our act together fast, we are falling and falling. It’s only the owners and a few mods who are active. If we don’t get a good turnout at these two events, I think we all know whats going to happen. After these events we will be having a rank clearout. Also, they aren’t invading us It’s apart of CPAC’s tourney, clash for control.

Alright then,

Well As you can probably tell this post is about the pretzels and WW invading us. Not only have we had history with them before but we beat them in a battle in the past. So heres the deal.

Braveboy (the names kinda condescending dont you think?) Anyways he came to our site as said something about a clash for control? If i knew what that meant I would tel you but yeah, apparently we are quite enough to no longer be a threat. Well thats definately not the case, im still here and while i am here we will still fight all that challenge us.

This is what his comment said.

Clash for control pretzels are invading Invasion of Mukluk – Clash for Control
Date – Friday, July 22nd
Server – Mukluk [FGR]
Times –
12:00 P.M PST
1:00 P.M CST
2:00 P.M MST
3:00 P.M EST
8:00 P.M GMT/UK

So with that comment im going to thank braveboy for saving me the trouble of having to tell you when they are invading.  But heres the catch, they want to invade lets let them do so but lets also kick their ass and hey while we are at it, fuck their lives up to a miserable state by invading their nation and take some servers. ok? sound good? good.

OK, so WW is doing the same thing. I didnt know about any of this til Pochoma told me about it but FGR is evidently in a tourney set up by CPAC so here’s what WW put on their site.

Invasion of Mittens (FGR)

When: Saturday, July 23rd

Where: Mittens

Time: 12 PM PST (1 PM MST, 2 PM CST, 3 PM EST, 8 PM UK)

So yeah, Evidently we gotta fight both Pretzels and WW. So who was gonna let me know about this earlier. that way we knew about this. Someone find out some shit about this so we dont get totally wrecked.

❗ Comment saying whether or not you can come (you better be able to) ❗

❗ Oh and we have like 7 or so NEW 2ic’s this is not permanent those are the people who applied for the leadership position. ❗

❗ For those of you that have applied this is your time to shine. During these invasions you better show up and everyone will have a chance to lead it is your time to show me what you’ve got. ❗

❗ also we have MIJOS as our new ambassador ❗

~Elitesof aka Korn ~ The time for war has come and i will not cower in its presence.~


19 Responses

  1. Cant make it to either :frown:

  2. I will be able for the Pretzels invasion. I don’t think so for the WW.

  3. Check CPAC site for what clash for control is.

  4. I’ll be there for both.

  5. Aww Crap I am extremely busy! I will try to make it to the Pretzels one but I know for a fact I cant go to the WW one D:

  6. Might not be able to make it friday, but should be able to saturday

  7. I’ll definetly try my best.

  8. I’ll try. I probably can, might have something though.

  9. *FACEPALM* Its a tournament they are not invading us.In this tournament you have 3 servers.You have to defend them and take others servers.

  10. i can make WW (second one) not Pretzels

  11. I thought you check CPAC(D)

    It was basically a tourney were you get 3 servers and have to weeks to gain as much as you can by invading them from other armies. Check CPAC for more info.

  12. i think i can

  13. […] what? Coolster114 on WW and Pretzels invading …Pinta Toys on Joinflappy112 on WW and Pretzels invading …mew2red on VactationCoolster114 […]

  14. I’ll try if I can make it.

  15. Both

  16. i can

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