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Buck – Introduction and Plan

Yo readers of this here site. I’m Buck, Officially Buckleybeans, but I usually go by Buck. Now, Elitesof, current leader of the FGR, is having a bit of a competition. What for? To determine the next Fort Ghost Recon Leader. How so? He’s chosen numerous candidates to compete eachother as 2ic’s in the space of a week to give Elites the chance to see who could best suit the position. Me, I’m one of those candidates. Before I continue my post, Best of luck to you all. :biggrin:

About Me ~
My Club Penguin Username is Buckleybeans, kinda strange I know. I joined CP Warfare in Febuary, my first army being DCP. Quickly rose the ranks to Colonel, in about 3 weeks. Then, I decided to join ACP, even beforehand I hand a pointless hate towards them due to the influence from DCP, as DCP were apart of the opposite alliance of ACP during the Red vs Blue Alliance Wars around that time. I joined ACP as a corporal, all was well for a few days, I happily just went on chat, went on CP, the works. But, I was faced with an unfortunate decision, when the DCP Leaders found out I had to decide, ACP or DCP, I picked ACP, and continued on from there. After about a Month and a half, I got a promotion from Corporal to Brigadier General, which I was really happy and proud about. I continued my career, continueing up the ranks gaining a promotion at a time from there until I got to the rank under Division General (Major General), I started doing stuff in the Division of Echo, helping out and that, until after about ( I think it was 2 months? ) I got promoted to Division General, but transfered to Alpha. There, I worked in Alpha and ACP until, on the 5th of December 2010, I retired for my first time. I was truely retired for a few months, not getting that involved, coming on now and again, which I enjoyed, then in about March I decided I wanted to return for awhile, which ended up being longer than I expected. I returned as ACPTR Leader, also Division General for the 2nd time. Re-entering into the CP Warfare world. Somewhere from then until about the Middle of May I did my job, was a candidate for 3ic, became Vice-President of the Senate and President a bit after. Then, I retired for the second time. I stayed fully retired, (Not being involved) until recently, and now I’m back for another try for the summer.

My Plan as Leader ~
I’ll explain in a post soon 😆

~ Buckius, FGR 2ic.


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