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Recruiting/Tactics session

Aloha FGR, we are falling rapidly and if we don’t get active till August, FGR has very high chances of merging. You don’t want that to happen right? So let’s show everyone that were going to rise back up and get back up again. So I have scheduled a recruiting and tactics session, everyone must come or you will be demoted (If you have a good reason you may be dismissed).

-Recruiting and Tactics session-

Server- Mammoth

Date- Tuesday, 19th July


:arrow: 7:00 PM GMT :arrow: 2:00 PM EST :arrow: 1:00 PM CST :arrow: 12:00 PM MST :arrow: 11:00 AM  PST


18 Responses

  1. Yep

  2. I will be there

  3. possibly mite be thar

  4. I can’t I have Driver’s Ed and I will be driving

  5. im not sure i might. ill comment again if i casn or cant.

  6. sorry i have summer camp

  7. i actually found out i cant cause of swimming class. 😦

  8. I’ll try to come!

  9. im sorry about posting so many comments im not sure when thiss will end. i get home from my swim classes at 11:30 so if this training is still going on then, then i can make it but ill be pretty late. sorry for 3 posts.:3

  10. I wont be there.I said I will be inactive for a period of a time.Dont demote me.I am Inactive because I dont have any computers in my home right now.My main pc is spoiled.I was using my brothers computer but it broke down too.Im using my mothers computer.But she uses this pc in her job.

  11. I can’t because now that school is back in Australia I have to work hard (HOMEWORK AND STUFF) and i might be in-active also for a while 😦

  12. Hello

    Your army has been invited to attend the CPAE 100k hits day tournament.

    For more information, regarding wheater you army wants to accept, please click the following link.


  13. You have been invited to CPATC’s Battle for Respect Tournament. Please comment at http://cparmytournamentcentralcpatc.wordpress.com/2011/07/19/the-battle-for-respect-tournament/ whether you accept or deny this invitation within 4 days.

  14. I might be a bit late. Please excuse me if I don’t come.

  15. Hai There! Your Army Has Been Invited To CPAT’s Small And Medium Knockout Tournament , If You Are Interested Go To http://cparmytimesnews.wordpress.com/2011/07/19/smallmedium-army-knockout-tournament/

  16. FGR has been invited to the CPUN WHACK-Down


    – Wyoskyguy
    CPR Leader & CPUN Minister of War and Defence

  17. Clash for control pretzels are invading Invasion of Mukluk – Clash for Control
    Date – Friday, July 22nd
    Server – Mukluk [FGR]
    Times –
    12:00 P.M PST
    1:00 P.M CST
    2:00 P.M MST
    3:00 P.M EST
    8:00 P.M GMT/UK

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