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3ic-The Results

Sorry for the delay, but the results have been decided. Judging was very hard, but I have come to a conclusion. Read more to find out the new 3ic’s

There were 6 contestants, 1 who did not comment but was automatically given a spot. However the decision has been reviewed as he has fallen inactive. Below is a review of each contestants form.

Percy Jacks 2

I am sorry, but you did not list any of your major ranks. Neither are you a Elite General and therefore this was a easy decision.


You did not comment, but we knew you were experienced. I got Chrisi Blule to find someone experienced, and he got you. However you fell inactive afterwards, and therefore you shall lose your spot.


I dont feel that you are ready for a owner rank. If you were experienced, you could have taken the rank, but that was not the case. You led the cookies though, which was good.


You have the experience, yet I feel that you dont deserve this rank yet. You only became joined recently, but you have been active. Well, it seems that you are not one of the new 3ic’s. But that is not the case. Due to your activity, you have just about clinched a spot. congratulations and good luck


You also were experienced compared to the others, and you have been in this army since Elitesof returned. Despite the fact that you have attended several events, your activity is not satisfactory. Unfortunetly, Mew2red has taken what could have been your spot. All you needed was an increase of activity.


After seeing your comment, I realised that you are the right person. You have earned high ranks in major armies, and therefore I am handing you this spot. It was the easiest decision based on the experiences of the other candidates. Remember to stay active, and good luck in the future.

Pwen and Mew, comment with your emails so you can be added to the site.

In other news: A bootcamp is currently under construction. It is for people who have recently joined cp warfare or those who have not achieved any decent ranks. More details to be released once everything is sorted out.

-Coolster114, FGR Leader and Chairman of the government


4 Responses

  1. i got it!!!!!

  2. Someone make me Editor -.-


  4. You were so right. I was a total noob. RIP FGR

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