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Cleaning out the army.

Skipper:I will be really inactive for 1-2 months.Maybe.I dont know how long.Dont ask why.Please do not demote/fire me.  (Pwn 2: Maybe you should pick a temp.)

Pwn: This is what my edits will look like. Anywho,


Alright FGR,

Today we faced RBAA in a practice battle and only matched size with them for about 5 minutes. Our guys werent paying attention and would not listen. So its came to the point where I am cleaning out the army. Ive said in the past that i would trade 10 inactive people for every 1 active. So im living up to my word. Im throwing out ALL inactive people idc who u are. Friend or not if your not active your getting out.

Im tired of seeing people online and not on chat. Im tired of people saying they will be active when they join and not do shit and even more i hate when people dont show up to events. People like that are fucking pointless and need to get the hell out of armies. And will get the hell out of FGR.

So with no further notice.

❗ Comment on whether or not your active ❗  And if you dont then you will no longer be apart of FGR.



28 Responses

  1. Lsund

  2. Skipper1090

  3. percy jacks2

  4. Mazzyandmilk

  5. percy jack2

  6. […] what? Snivy The Pokémazzy on Cleaning out the army.skipper1090 on Cleaning out the army.skipper1090 on Invasion of RainbowElitesof a.k.a Korn […]

  7. Comment

  8. ttycool
    i will be active .. P.S put me as mod on ranks not lowest member

  9. 1. Mew2red
    2. active

  10. 1goblinguy

  11. 1.Mexicano02
    2.im not sure if im active in FGR but im active in other armies

  12. Automated Teller Machine 23

  13. Shad/Fadsa

  14. Pwener1

  15. Very active, but my schedule is kinda messed up so I might come to events slightly late.

  16. im the advisor am i suppose to be active XD

  17. Fido1625

    P.s sorry for leaving yesterday my mom was being an ass

  18. Goofysoccer

    PS: I couldn’t make the recent battles because I went to visit my grandpa in Iowa for a week and he didn’t have Internet there

  19. flappy112

  20. Chrisi Blule
    Sorry I didnt make it to the RBAA battle I had to go on a walk >.<

  21. firehot6

  22. Everton cool

  23. Pengton19

  24. Hamthy
    Kinda active.

  25. ok i just joined fgr so i didnt know this

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