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What’s Going On FGR?

Edit:This post was updated.

Elitesof first did a post like this telling the updates and whats going on the army.Since we had lots of updates which some leaders didnt know and we are HAVING,Im going to make a post explaining the updates.This can also be good for Top 10.

Also everyone. I knew we have the numbers. Good god we have 25 active now get on chat. Owners need to stay on chat are responsible for keeping chat activity up. So get about doing it.

1.Top 10 Updates

  1.1 CPAE Major Top 10

Since CPAC is down,CPAE decided to make a large top 10.And we are ranked 9 in it!Good job.Its easy to make an accomplishment,but its hard do defend it.So dont get cocky because we are 9th best army and get more active!

  1.2 CPAC Major Top 10(POSTED!)

Some leaders,me and troops were on chat.We were talking,then Secondary Head of CPAC Kingfunks(I may be wrongg) came and asked the link for our site.He said it was for top 10.Everyone was excited since CPAC makes large top 10’s only!We gave the link.He told us that we were going to be in the top 10.I am so proud that I am a 2ic in a Major Army proved by the best news site.But as I said we should defend this success!Dont be cocky and get inactive! 

2. Divisions

Update:Divisions are now choosen.Green Division and Black Division!Check the ranks to see witch division you are in.

3. Battles 

   3.1 Upcoming Battles

First off,we have a practice battle with RBAA.This army has came out of nowhere,and are now a medium army.They may make another come-out-of-nowhere again and make a surprise beating us.But I believe we can win.So dont make us sad and please come to this battle!It is a big fact for next weeks top 10. You can read about this battle in the stick post upwards this post.

Also,I have planned a battle but I dıd not publish it yet.It is a division battle.I didnt publish it yet because we are seperated in Army and Marines divisions,but I learned that you guys agreed on Green and Black divisions.So when I learn the true divisions,I will post it. 

Update:Divisions are choosen(Black and Green Division)and the PB is published by an edit on the sticky post!

   3.2 Recent Battles

Our most recent unscheduled event was a success.Im sorry I couldnt make it cuz I had some family problems.We got 15,but for an unscheduled event thats really cool.It means that we can get 20-25 at scheduled events.Lets do that in the PB with RBAA too!We couldnt do real good in CPGT battle,but every army can has moments like this.So Im not cross at that.

These are all updates for now troops,stay tuned for more updates!

This is Skipper,signing off with 427 words on this post.


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  1. Err, as a matter of fact… the CPAC top 10 was posted yesterday.

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